How find documents by UUID in a mongo database

here are a few helpers for finding a document by UUID in mongo a database

this first keyword converts a UUID a Binary with a subtype 0x04(required for java/groovy).


def createReadableUUID(String strUUID){

UUID strConUUID = UUID.fromString(strUUID)

long msb = strConUUID.getMostSignificantBits()

long lsb = strConUUID.getLeastSignificantBits()

byte uuidBytes = new byte[16];

for (int i = 15; i >= 8; i–) {

uuidBytes[i] = (byte) (lsb & 0xFFL)

lsb >>= 8;


for (int i = 7; i >= 0; i–) {

uuidBytes[i] = (byte) (msb & 0xFFL)

msb >>= 8;


return new Binary((byte) 0x04, uuidBytes)


this second keyword finds the document based on the above returned UUID


def findMongoDocumentUsingUUID(String strCollection,String strLabel, Binary binUUID)


MongoCollection collection= db.getCollection(strCollection)

BasicDBObject dbObj = new BasicDBObject(strLabel,binUUID)

FindIterable doc =collection.find(dbObj)



To find a document from a mongo collection called ‘testcollection’, with an ‘_id’ of UUID(“a6359605-000a-000a-000a-66f8b86b96af”), invoke the the above keywords like this,

CustomKeywords.‘gloMethods.dataBaseMethods.findMongoDocumentUsingUUID’(“testcollection”, “_id”,CustomKeywords.‘gloMethods.dataBaseMethods.createReadableUUID’(“a6359605-000a-000a-000a-66f8b86b96af”) )

hope this helps…this was a bit of a head scratcher for me!!!