How does Sendkeys work, which values to use with combination keys in Katalon Recorder

In Katalon Recorder I would like to e.g. go to a previous page in the browser.
I would like to do that by sending the command: ALT-Leftbutton.
I do see the sendKeys command but how does it work? What kind of input do I provide it? Also combination keys like CTRL-A, ALT-ENTER, SHIFT-Left. I’m unable to find it in the documentation.

In short: I want to send the command: ALT-Left to the browser (to go to a previous page). What do I enter in Command, Target and Value?

Thank you for the question. For complex key combinations, I recommend you to use Katalon Studio instead. Browser extensions including Katalon Recorder execute in browser sandbox and will not simulate them well.

If you just want to go back to previous page you can use “goBack” command. Target and Value remain empty.