How do you reset the window views?

Is it possible to reset the windows? When I double click on a test case it looks like it’s loading but the test case editor window is not showing. I can only get my Keywords editor window to show.

I’ve seen this happen a few times – only solution I’ve found is to close KS, UNCHECK when it asks if you want to reload the project next time, and then restart KS and load the project from the File menu.

@Katalon Team: There are a number of IDE/UI bugs in KS, some of which I’ve reported but without a rigorous reporting and ticketing system with a meaningful set of release notes with bugfixes, it’s not easy to know when or if they’ve been fixed.

What does Window -> Reset Perspective do? That doesn’t seem to do anything. I was able to get it to work after closing and restarting Katalon for the past half hour :confused: . I’ve only come across this issue with the latest 5.4.0 version.

Also, after debugging, i am loosing the left side panel.
Is it possible to restore without Reboot the app?

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After debugging , click on “Keyword” perspective button to restore it.