How do I workaround status code of 302 failing when using Verify All Links on Current Page

When I try to verify all of the links on my current web page it returns over a 100 errors … for links that work but perform a re-direction (status code 302) … All of the internal links re-direct too go through Okta for validating the user permissions … How can I verify the links are good? Is it possible to get the final status code?

I cannot validate each web page since the content is constantly changing (i.e. a web page viewable today may not be available in the future)

I have no answer for you. However, that’s a very good question.

Please DO post back with your progress. We are building a knowledge base here and this is a key question/answer topic it would be good to cover.

(Hopefully someone reading has solved this.)

I am in the process of writing my own equivalent function … It scrapes all of the href from the current page and then goes to that reference … I then use the getUrl() function which returns the URL of the open page and I then compare to the scraped URL I found … I am having some issues on the href that worked so I am going to try and warp the verifyAllLinksOnCurrentPageAccesdsible() to get the failed pages and then try the same trick.

I am open to any suggestions.

Once I get it to work then I will post the code as a new keyword since the re-direction is very painfulThanks


Consider too, if you get specific issues along the way, consider posting them as separate questions. My idea is to present your eventual solution right here without polluting this thread with a bunch “noise”. Perhaps then we can reform this as a Tip posted to Tips and Tricks.

Make sense?