How do I use verify checkpoint

I am new to Katalon and cannot figure out how to use verify checkpoint or even if I can use it the way I intend to.
Basically I have test data in an excel file. My test case gets an element’s css property and i want to check that the property that it gets matches the test data.
My test data is the expected result.
I can do verify equal, but I was wondering if i could use checkpoint to test the values and if they are different update the test data. I’m not sure if this is possible or not, or if there is another way of doing this.

I have attached a screenshot showing where I use checkpoint.
Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you!



This post is about how I used “Verify Checkpoint” for my learning.

1. Create an excel file with a value “O” in Row 1, Column A
2. Create New Test Data under Data Files in Katalon (Named myExcelData)
3. Browse the excel file in myExcelData
4. Create New CheckPoint under CheckPoints in Katalon (Name myCheckPoint)
5. Browse and choose my ExcelData
6. Click Take Snapshot
At this point myExcelData and myCheckPoint has the same data
7. Open the Excel file and change the value to “M” in Row 1, Column A
8. Open myCheckPoint
9. Check checkbox for value “O” in Row 1, Column A
10. Create a new test case under Test Cases (Name myTestCase)
11. Add Web UI Keyword (Verify CheckPoint in myTestCase)
12. Open Input and set param name “checkpoint” value to myCheckPoint
13. Run the test case
14. The result will show “Checkpoint data and Source data are NOT matched”

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Hello Denise,
checkpoint is best uesed for comparing data you are working on. What id does - it compares all checked data in snapshot with current version of data defined as snapshot source.
i personally dont think it’s usefull since it does not allow you take checkpoint when you need, only when you define it.
for your needs, try to access database/excel directly from script. this will allow you to check values against any data you need.