how do i import my project on another system.

how do i import my project to another system without git.

A Katalon project is just a bunch of files under a folder. You can just copy the folder and its contents to another machine. That’s all. No magic.

already did, but not work

look i install katalon another system with same account. and im trying to import project.

look what i try

  1. copy the all file tree structure where all my test cases, suites and objectory have
  2. and i zipped the file
  3. share to another system
  4. and extract the file from where i copied tree structure

The same I did few weeks ago and worked fine for me.
(actually I migrated my entire /home to a new machine but those are just ‘details’)
So, what are the errors you get?

You might need to reset your project if your “file structure” is not the same. I found the below on this forum somewhere:

# How to Reset a Project

1. Close your Katalon project

2. Delete folders






— these folders are safe to delete as they will be recreated.

3. Reopen your project

After “4. and extract the file …”, how did you operated Katalon Studio in your another system? how did you opened the project? what did you see? any error message? or completely blank screen? Did Katalon Studio window disappear? Any video or screenshot? Please tell us more detail.