How do I export test cases from Katalon Studio?

I used Katalon Studio to record and edit test cases. Now I want to export them to C#. Why can I not find a way to do this? Has anyone been able to do this or find a workaround?

The Katalon Recorder exports to C#, so I tried to open the test case in Katalon Recorder, but could also not find a way to do that either. Has anyone done this? How?

You have to record test cases using Katalon Recorder (not Katalon Studio) in order to export them as C#.

This does not help me. Is the answer that there is no way to export test cases from Studio yet, and that is planned functionality, which will be added at a later date? What reason is there to exclude this feature from Studio?
The recorded tests do not run as such, and I have to do a lot of editing, which is best done in Studio. After I get them to run, I want to export the test that runs, but cannot export from Studio. Why is export not included in Studio, and why can I not import test cases from Studio to Recorder to export them as a workaround? When will you integrate these two products?

Hi @aaltenkirch, the answer is because test cases in Katalon Recorder are of a simpler format than test cases in Katalon Studio, and therefore converting Recorder’s test cases to other formats are easier to implement - which is what we’ve already done.

Katalon Studio’s test cases are more complex and currently somewhat heavily dependent on Studio’s framework, hence the efforts required to convert them into other formats are quiet high.

This also explains why it’s easy to integrate Recorder’s test cases into Studio, but not the other way around, because one direction is much simpler.

In the future, we will try to decouple our framework from the functionalities we provide and thus enable you (the users) to define customizeable behaviors ( such as compatibility of test cases with C#, etc). However, we aim to provide you with the necessary APIs to do what you want, because we can’t cover every case and feature. This is also the purpose of our Open-source Katalon Platform.

We will take into consideration this test case export functionality when we design our Platform, and possibly this could be a Plug-in of its own. In the mean time it is not supported yet. You can contribute ideas to Plug-ins by creating a new topic under the Plugin Platform Category.

Have a nice day !


Thank you for this detailed explanation! This helps me to plan on how our organization will use Studio and other Katalon products.