How do i export a project and re-import in another machine

I need a way to export my current projects and port it to other system. How do i do it ?

copy/paste? use a flash drive? push them to git and clone?

Can we export the project to zip and import this project in another machine?
Can we integrate this with VSTS?
Can we run test in parallel?
can we run tests remotely?
Can we merge the team’s katalon code in git?

If so, please respond the approach or docs link…depending on that, I have to take decision on using this tool

In the Katalon Forum I have found several posts asking how to share artifacts developed in a Katalon Studio project with others.

  1. how to create jar libraries from custom keywords
  2. Sharing test cases or keywords to multiple projects
  3. Sharing methods between tests
  4. Is it possible to share test case between different projects?
  5. sharing of test cases
  6. Is there any way to share test listeners and custom keywords code to multiple projects?

I suppose that many of the questioners above do not know what Git is and how it can help them.

Here I would define a word artifacts of a Katalon Studio project includes the following stuff:

  • Test Cases
  • Test Suites
  • Test Objects
  • Custom Keywords
  • Test Listeners

If you have a single Web Application and 2 or more people work together to test it, then the best solution is, as Vinh Nguyen mentioned in “Sharing test cases or keywords to multiple projects”, to create a Katalon Studio project and put it into a remote Git Repository. In the following figure, Alice and Bob share all artifacts of the project X via a Git remote repository. They will fully version-control the project and put tags to versions. The access to the Remote repository will be well administrated by the hosting services (GitHub, BitBucket etc)

Sharing project by remote Git repository

Perfect solution, isn’t it?

This does not solve the issue where we want to share common objects like custom keywords, common functions and even objects across projects (git repositories). There should be a mechanism to build these common artifacts and share in the form of some build objects like a jar file, npm / nuget package or similar.

Another solution could be to create a plugin that helps download these common artifacts from an artifacts repository to the local project (different git repo than the common artifacts one).

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I agree.

By the way, Katalon Studio has a feature named “Import/Export Keywords” already implemented:

Importing Groovy source codes from a remote Git repository should have been a solution to a problem of sharing common objects like custom keywords, common functions.

But in fact the function of Importing Keyword from Git was wrongly implemented. I reported what I found:

I found that “Importing Custom Keyword source from Git” is NOT useful but "importing Custom Keyword source from Local Folder " is useful. It just copies the *.groovy source files from one Katalon project to another Katalon project, disk to disk. Well, it is not very fashionable, does not look sophisticated at all. But is works.

Copying the keywords folder while importing from git should definitely be considered as a bug. In fact, as you mentioned in your post, it should only import the contents of the keywords folder.

I believe we should be able to achieve this by writing a plugin. But thanks for your responses.


yes saw that, looks promising. Looking forward to seeing how Katalon proposes to share object repos and custom keywords using plugins