How do I capture text values in the upper grey section

HI everyone,

I’m having issues capturing some objects with the recorder so I’m looking to be able to create these objects for later use manually. How do I copy the text or xpath of an object when I have it highlighted. In my screenshoot below I am looking to create an object out of the drop down list down arrow.

You have to capture the object in manual form, take a look to the html code and see the properties to the object, take a screenshot and I will try to help you to make the object.


Hi Luis

I was able to create the object in red above by copying what was in the grey area:
id("s2id_autogen1")/a[@class="select2-choice select2-default"]/span[@class="select2-arrow"]/b[1]

It would have been handy to be able to right click in Katalon studio and copy that but it’s OK. I think I found another problem though when trying to capture SugarCRM drop-down list option ‘Prospect’. This list can change depending on Order and updates. I’ve notice the ID change depending on test and production instance. I’m guessing other user roles with different layouts might mean these change too.

With the screenshot I can see it has id = ‘select2-result-label-110’. Is there a more reliable way I can create the object for instance by the label name of ‘Prospect’ instead of its id?

try to make a object like this.

Thanks for your example. I used those exact values and it seems to click something as the drop down list option disappears but nothing is selected. I need to be able to target the Prospect value but the id will differ from instance. See example below of values from one instance and another.

Do you have the input as a object?, I mean you able to click on it.

If can use the input, you can writte the option and then send the key enter to select it.


I was able to pick the right option using your suggestion. SugarCRM had a funny dialog left behind so I had to click the mask to get the drop down list to set and disappear.

Thank you for your help

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