How can we remove extra lines from html report added by Katalon

In my test cases/functions, I am using KeywordUtil methods like markPassed, markFailed, markWarning, logInfo wherever user needs some information in the html report. Also, I am adding the screenshots.

However, Katalon studio adds a lot of lines in the html report by itself like
Object ‘repository-path’ is present (in case I am waiting for object to be present)
Object ‘repository-path’ is visible
Object ‘repository-path’ is clickable
Element was scrolled into view
Text of object ‘repository-path’ is ‘text’, if i am reading a value.
Execute javascript ‘javascript’ successfully.

These all details are good for the scripter but not required for the user. They make the report more complex to read for the user and the lines that we add intentionally in the report get lose in the crowd.

Is there a way to remove all the lines added by Katalon studio from the html report and only keep the lines that we added intentionally by KeywordUtil methods?