How can I open firefox with addons or chrome with extension using Katalon Studio?

I want to use addons functionality using Katalon Studio

You can create custom configuration for the chrome and provide the location of extension




How does this work for firefox ?

Thanks Rahul. Please provide more information about the path you are giving.

In my case, i need to use Chrome add-on ( Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher). I have tried many paths but it is not working.


in Chrome navigate to chrome://version
find the profile path
in Chrome navigate to chrome://extensions/
Make sure Developer mode is on
find the ID of the extension you need (it looks something like this: bcjindcccaagfpapjjmafapmmgkkhgoa)
use /Extensions//
substitute / with \ if you are on a Windows machine

you probably need to be admin on the machine you’re working on.
on windows App Data folder is usually hidden. So it might be a bit hard to find.