How can I convert a Web Element into test Object?

There isn’t a way to directly convert from RemoteWebElements (also WebElements or MobileElements) to TestObjects, but we can do it based on some assumptions:

- If the RemoteWebElement was created using xpath
- If Selenium/Appium’s RemoteWebElement.toString() function returns the xpath in the string

First, create a function to get the xpath from the RemoteWebElement:

protected String getXPathFromElement(RemoteWebElement element) {
    String elementDescription = element.toString();
    return elementDescription.substring(elementDescription.lastIndexOf("-> xpath: ") + 10, elementDescription.lastIndexOf("]"));

Then use the xpath to create a new TestObject with an xpath attribute:

protected TestObject fromElement(RemoteWebElement element) {
    TestObject testObject = new TestObject();
    testObject.addProperty("xpath", ConditionType.EQUALS, getXPathFromElement(element));
    return testObject;

As an alternative to writing all of that code in your tests, you can use an external library which includes a TestObjectConverter:

To read about how to include an external library into your Katalon project, see here.