How can I access Object Properties definition through code?

Here’s the context :
When I define my objects, I would like to add one property that I will not use to locate the actual web element, but that I will use directly in my code.

For example, I have a hierarchy of menu item that I need to click on, but some are located in a collapsed sub menu.

When I define my Object, I have no problems selecting it only if the “Setup” folder is already expanded.

I would like to define a specific Object Property that I will not use to select the web element but that I will query in my code in order to switch behavior.

My switch would trigger a call to click on the “Setup” folder if the item I pass to my test case has this “setupItem” property.

When I have a look at the object “.rs” file on disk, I can see the info.

I know I can create a Data Set that will map the item name with a value and I would switch based on this but, since objects already have properties, it would be nice to use them on a larger scale than just for element selection…

If I could do something like :

Is there a way to do this already ?
Am I a dreamer ?






Please, ignore this. I found a solution. I will post it as soon as I’m done with my code…