Hibrid app, listview elements hide in IOS

Someone from the community could guide me on this point; The developer of the app that I am automating is telling me that, since it is a hybrid app, Katalon / Appium is not 100% compatible with the rendering generated by xamarin for the OS, and for this reason, katalon does not detect the elements or objects from the listview fields.

  • Appium version: 1.20.0
  • Katalon version: 7.8.2
  • Katalon Build: ‘208’,
  • System info: os.name: ‘macOS Mojave 10.14.4’,
  • Xcode 10.3,
  • Simulator: iPhone Xs Max, iOS 12.4

Note: In Android it does not happen, please see the attached images; it is urgent.

IMG iOS ==>

IMG Android ==>

Is this true? Or is there a solution that we will ignore?
Does this really have to do with katalon / appium, or the way the front of the app was structured?

CC: @Chris_Trevarthen , @devalex88, @dev2, @anhqle

Could someone help me? I will appreciate it very much, it is urgent.

Awaiting for your support @Liam, ticket id: 3740