Hermetic Test Pattern in Katalon

How to implemement Hermetic Test Pattern in Katalon studio? And what is the expected structure?

The Hermetic Test Pattern is just an approach to writing tests in such a way that they are self-sufficient (they do not have dependencies on other test cases). The only way to do that is to identify dependencies when they occur and handle them accordingly. In the context of Katalon Studio, I would say that just means doing things like:

1.) Avoid using the WebUI.callTestCase() keyword, hopefully for obvious reasons.

2.) Use standalone data files, and not data files that were generated from other test cases. This usually involves generating the data needed to conduct the test case from within the script that is going to be doing the conducting :slight_smile:

3.) Implementing the Page Object Model is extremely useful, as it allows you to encapsulate actions that your scripts commonly take into a convenient, reusable set of methods (keywords).