Help setting up Test Environment for Android

I am trying to set up a test environment or test data for Android. For example, I have a test case that sends a SMS and another that sends a MMS picture message. For the SMS test, I want the device to remove any previously sent messages so initially the messaging app does not contain any data every time the test is run. For the MMS test, I want the device to have a picture in it’s storage that can be selected to be sent.

Can Katalon Studio run adb commands? I have some test cases that require Wi-Fi disabled and Mobile data enabled and some that require both to be disabled.

Is there a way for me to set the test environment for these scenarios so the device is in a state ready to test?

My current solution is to create smaller test cases as Preconditions i.e. Turn on Wi-Fi, Delete Messages etc so these are run first before the actual test is run.

It’s a bit long and I would have preferred like a test state that could be loaded (like perhaps from a database) but this current setup will suffice for now

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