Help :Page not displayed in the screen

@emine @kazurayam @jim.sears

Hello guys!

I runned a test case and after clicking in terminate button,
Actual result : nothing is displayed on the screen, the page is blank.

Expected result : Homepage should be displayed

So I don’t know how to return a homepage or an other page.
thanks for your helping in advanced…

Could you provide the code snippet? I’m not following your test objective.

Hi , @ferrariklersone

'Open browser and navigate to website'

'Click on Documentation to open another window''Page_Katalon Studio/a_Documentation'))

'Switch to Documentation window'

'Close browser'

With the WebUI.switchToWindowIndex() code, you can provide redirects to the web page you want in the code. Indexing starts from 0. So to open tab 1:
WebUI.switchToWindowIndex(0) and So to open tab 2 : WebUI.switchToWindowIndex(1) sholud be add code.