Help Needed on an Evaluation Statement Erroring Out

I’m new to Katalon and the community. I’m liking the products so far and am in the process of converting older Selenium IDE scripts to run in the Recorder before eventually moving on to Studio.

The issue that is stumping me revolves around a converted script that works fine in the original Selenium IDE but fails for one particular check in the Recorder. I’ve attached the log as a PDF for reference.

Even though all four environments polled have the same version number, which is stored as a variable when a verifyEval command is performed to compare them to our QA environment, all pass except the EU environment, even though the versions are the same. I’ve gotten this in both the Chrome and Firefox version of the Recorder.

I’ve tried manually storing the version as a Master variable and compared it to both the US and EU saved variables. The US passes, the EU fails.

I’ve copied my US evaluations statement in case of a syntax error, and as soon as I change it to use the EU variable, it fails after have passed with the US variable.

Here is the statement:

verifyEval || storedVars[‘Grid QA Version’]==storedVars[‘Grid EU Version’] || true

I’m am stumped why only the EU fails out of 4 environments. Any help would be much appreciated.


With more investigation, I solved this issue, which was syntactical. I’m answering my post in case this helps anyone else.

If I changed the evaluation statement as follows:

verifyEval || “${Grid QA Version}”=="${Grid EU Version}" || true

It works now. The Javascript that worked with the original Selenium IDE doesn’t work with the Katalon Recorder.

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