[Help Needed] Is it possible to set up Database data files connection using external file? (like how HTML designs its webpage using CSS via <link> tag)

HI everyone,

Is there a possible way to set up database data files connection setting using external file? (like how HTML designs its webpage using CSS via tag)

I would like to implement this method to solve my problem when our database admin suddenly changes the server password of our sql account making us to update the password of every single test data connection setting of almost 200+ test data’s.

Can’t really use the global database connection setting since some of the TC uses different server for their data (TC01 uses data from db1 from server1 while TC02 uses data from db2 from server2).

So the concept is that I’ll create a file or a folder in the local directory of the katalon project that only contains a PasswordFile.txt file which only contains a “updatedPassword” line of code/text.
Then in the actual .dat file of a single data file, I’ll just need to connect the PasswordFile.txt so it will just read what ever the PasswordFile.txt content is.
For example:


Then ill just edit it to


simmilar to how we connect CSS file to a HTML file, instead of editing every single HTML file to update its style, we just have to update the CSS file then every HTML connected to that CSS file will have updated style thing.

Hope, there is a way on implementing this kind of integration. (Sorry for my bad english, not a native english speaker UwU)

Thanks :slight_smile: