Help : Issue when using external datasource Excel!

The test consists two users whom want to authentificate.
I already (create variable, put TC in TS, show binding, ā€¦)

It seems like the program not able to decrypt the password in this case.
The execution stops and below the error obtained.

hi , @ferrariklersone
If you update your code in step 4 as SetText, the error will be resolved.

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hi @emine why in the first scenario, the system not able to clik on my object ?
But in the second scenario, the system clicks on my object correctly.

In this case, the test is KO because the execution line is in red.

@ferrariklersone hi ,
When saving test cases, you should add them to different folders in the object repostory.
Please check if the button has an equivalent in the object repostory in the line with the error in the first code.
If the error persists, save the test case again and create a separate folder for this test case in the object repostory.

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@emine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :maple_leaf:
I applied what you said by separating the folders, and now two users connect well.

Thank you again, Iā€™m sorry for the inconvenience at any time

here is the result

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