Help - how to define variables to test Katalon s3 demo AUT

Hello! Can you help me with the issue in katalon studio version 8.6.0? If I want fill the form katalon s3 test demo aut with the sample project web ui, I need to choose different variable than string, but I do not know how. I somewhere read that I need to define variable. I do not know the procedure

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If you move to the Variables tab, it will show you the different types of variables that you can use. The easy way is define a variable in Groovy.

def var1 = 1
def var2 = 3.14
def var3 = true


int var1 = 1
float var2 = 3.14
boolean var3 = true

You do not have to use the Variables tab except in a few situations, however, you can read more about it below.

Test case variables | Katalon Docs

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