Hello? I have a question about the web browser.

We are currently developing a new web browser based on Chronium.

It is in the process of checking if it can be run on katalon using the web driver.

If we use the ‘custom capabilities’ function, is it possible to test automation in the browser we are developing?

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but I would say your testing of your app depends if you have developers that are “friendly” towards testing or not. What I mean by this is if your developers will support testing by giving you <id> or <name> tags from which you can make more stable pathways from instead of long distance pathways that are so fragile they break after every release.

Below is a “fragile” pathway from another application. Notice how long the pathway is (in the Selected Locator box of the image). To me, if the develops cannot give you support, then it will be a concern no matter which testing application you use.