Headless mode inconsistent when verifying text

Hi guys,

I’m aware that there are obvious limitations for using headless mode, the most important one for me being that a test verifying that text appears seems to fail every 1 in 3 runs.

Does anyone else experience this kind of a bug, if so is there a way around it other than not running it in headless mode?

Preferably I would like to be able to run it in headless mode as there is a big problem with not being able to use my machine at the same time as a test suite running.

Any help would be great.

I could be wrong but, I think @Mate Mrse uses headless quite a lot. Perhaps he’ll see this and be along shortly.

Sorry, I haven’t noticed this bug.

Mate Mrse said:

Sorry, I haven’t noticed this bug.

Ok, must be something to do with the way I use the machine cheers though.