Having trouble authenticating with HTTPS when pushing to Github

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I’m reviewing Katalon Studio to see if we could utlize it for some of our automated testing. A requirement that we need to fulfil is provide our team with the ability to ‘Clone’, ‘Pull’, ‘Commit’, and key, ‘Push’ to GitHub repos.

While I’ve been experimenting I’ve been able to ‘Clone’, ‘Pull’ and make local commits but I’m struggling to ‘Push’ to the Github Repo - I was wondering if someone would be able to provide some insight to where I may be going wrong, or if there are some restrictions I’m not aware of.

Specific issue;

  • When using HTTPS for GITHub, during my ‘push’, Katalon prompts me for username and password. When I receive this prompt, I provide my Github credentials(the same used during the pull request). Once I submit this, prompt seems to ‘attempt’ but rather than failing authentication, it simply reappears with no error message. (few screenshots below)

Clone request authentication - works (can see files form git pulled down);

Stage Change;


Authentication Step I can’t get past;

Things I’ve tried;

  • I’ve set-up a clone, pull requests using HTTPS by following through the steps in this guide. However, the guide doesn’t seem to include any steps for ‘authentication’ during the push.
  • I’ve ensured that 2FA is turned off in GitHub.
  • I’ve ensure that I’m using the same ‘email’ for both Katalon and my Github account.

Any support during this evaluation period would be great,

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Hi @michael.oreilly,

To authenticate your Github account through HTTPS, you should enter Personal Access Token as the Password instead of using your current password.

To create a Personal Access Token on Github, please refer to the document from Github:

This approach can also apply when your org turns on 2FA or SSO.

@duyluong - Really appriciate it - worked perfectly, thank you!

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