Having issue while opening a web url in any browser

During execution its take so much time to enter url in url bar and redirect to web application afterward its work properly . Please tell me how i can fix this .


Is this only occuring with chrome, or do you experience this with every browser?

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With every browser I am facing this issue.

hmm okay, could you create a new test, and just have the test steps open browser, navigate to google.com, and let me know how long it takes in chrome


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Took 26.244 seconds to run these steps :-


How do you navigate to the page? Using ‘Open Browser’ or ‘Navigate To Url’ keyword? Does it happens for any pages or just your AUT pages? Any third party you are using on the browser?

No i am not using any third party on the browser . Well this is what i usually write from starting as by default when i record my test first this is autogenerated step and this is first time its take so much time .

@hpulsford : Please tell me what i can do for this issue

Not really sure, all i can say is make sure that all your drivers are up to date as well as your version of KS. It may just be a speed issue on your end :man_shrugging: Whats your internet speeds looking like?

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Well my katalon studio is up to date same driver are also upto date today only i update all the driver and if this is due to internet speed than i may also face this issue in further step but this issue occur while entering url first time after that all steps works very well without fail .

Have you tried with headless browsers? Is it the same?

Going to sound like the most typical IT guy right now, i would say just try restarting your machine and try again :rofl:

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@rahul.arora what are the HW specs of your pc? and what windows? could be also due to lack of resources. java is known as beying memory hungry …

Even i have updated this also but nothing works User set preference: [‘pageLoadStrategy’, ‘none’]

16 gb ram i5 7th gen processor , 250 gb ssd win 10

try to tweak the heapsize allocation in your katalon.ini file and check if any changes.
some hint’s here:

Disable AV and check time. Maybe AV is scanning driver and browser.