Having a "Job Board" category in our community?

Hi everyone, :wave:

So, as the title suggested, we’d like to know what you think about having a space on our community where members could come to request and/or offer Katalon-related works or gigs. This is in response to a recent comment in the thread below:

If we take a look at the Posit Community and the UI Path forum, then the space itself would allow you to post two types of topics:

Job posting Gig posting
This is more of a full-time/part-time, or even remote position and is usually paid This is more of a contractual, temp/short-term, or even freelancing position and can be paid or unpaid

• All postings should be relevant to Katalon e.g. if you’re posting for a Software Tester position, then the job description should mention Katalon Platform as one of the required tools to know.
• From what we’re seeing, Gig posting would definitely be more in line with what the OP of the thread above was looking for.

In the future, this space may also be where skillful freelancers go to “advertise” themselves to get hired or contracted for work → essentially an online CV/portfolio, similar to what the Epic forum is doing.

Again, while the idea sounds exciting, we’d like to hear from you on whether you think that this idea is feasible, and more importantly, beneficial to our community at large or not.

:point_down: Let us know below how you would approach this idea, anything that we should be mindful of, anything that you’d like to see, or not see, as we plan, implement, and refine this idea further :point_down:

Cheers! :sunglasses:


Some examples of “job board” in other communities:

I’d love this idea!


+1 from me : D

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Hi @mwarren04011990,

Thanks for the support! :heart:

After reading through the first post, do you have any suggestions that you think would improve said idea?

Should we? Yes (like I said ~3 years ago).

Keep a tight hold on commercial/marketing links though.


Hi all, :wave:

After some quick consultation with Discourse, who also have a similar Marketplace category on their site, below is how we think the “job board” would function.

Where would the "job board’ be?

It would be a seperate category of which you can find on the Category page. We will also put a quicklink in the “Latest”, “New” and “Categories” row under the search banner for quicker access to job/gig topics.

Note: We will also make it so that the job/gig topics themselves would not flood the “Latest” page as pointed out by @Russ_Thomas

Types of post

Posting guide

  1. The original poster (OP) navigate to the “job board” category, and click on the “Ask the Community” button
  2. OP follows the topic template provided for either the job positing or gig posting and provide additional information if needed.
  3. OP click “Ask the Community” to send their post for our team to review.
  4. If the topic followed our topic template with sufficient information, we will proceed to publish said topic
  5. If not, we will reject the topic and inform the OP to submit another one with more detailed information.

:pushpin: Note: All published topics will be automatically closed after two weeks (14 days). If however, your topic has not received any response and you would like to extend the “closing period” and bump your topic, please reach out to our team at @team

Topic template for Job

Job title
Company name/institution
Location: a city, country, region and/or remote
Period: full-time or part-time
Job description: provide a link to the full job or gig description, or paste your description in the text box
Instruction to apply: explain how you prefer applicants to contact you (email, personal messages (PM), etc.) or provide a link to application instructions.

Topic template for Gig

Gig title
Company name/Institution

  • Is this a paid position? If yes, then what is your budget?
    Location: a city, country, region and/or remote
    Period: short-term, freelance, or contract, along with an estimate of how long the work is expected to take.
    Gig description: provide a link to the full job or gig description, or paste your description in the text box
    Instruction to apply: explain how you prefer applicants to contact you (email, personal messages (PM), etc.) or provide a link to application instructions.

Other things

1. What about money?

We will not be involved in any transactions made or contracts formed between members as a result of recruitment from Katalon Community.

2. What about Scams?

In order to build a viable space where you can find and recruit others for your Katalon-related projects and vice versa, we need to combat scams together. You can help us by:

• Report the scammer to us immediately with their username.
• Our team will proceed to suspend the scammer’s account.
• Our team will create and update a Scammer list as time goes on to help you better avoid such incidents in the future, similar to Reddit’s Universal Scammer List.

Next steps

  • Define a set of prefixes and naming scheme for topic title

Keep on pouring in your feedback! :sunglasses:

The term “job board” used throughout this topic is not definitive, and thus, is subject to change as we work with you to iron out all the kinks need to open this category

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Looks good to me. :clap:

It may work.
+ 1 from my side.


Hi folks, :wave:

After much waiting, we are happy to announce that our Jobs & Gigs Corner is now up and running. We hope this area will be useful to those who are looking to recruit new talents or are open to work. Thank you very much for your feedback thus far. :heart:

Feel free to head over there and let us know what you think. Any suggestions to improve said area are welcome and should be created in #feedback-reviews:site-feedback.

Having said that, I will also go ahead and close this topic. Have a nice day :sunglasses:

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