Happy Geek Pride Day! 🎉

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So I played Stray recently, and it was a rather fun and unique game (most probably due to the fact that you are playing as a cat :cat:), and it reminded me of how interesting platforming games could be. You can check out my impression (and screenshots) of the game via this thread.

Though more games are becoming multiplayer-oriented, I still lean forward to singleplayer campaigns in games because of the story as well as to appreciate the world and level designs that artists, designers, and developers have poured their hearts into.

One of the games that I really like in terms of world design is the Bioshock franchise. Imagine being stranded in a city at the bottom of the ocean of which society was (or had already) fallen apart due to civil war, and having to avoid running into the people living there (who at that point were all spliced up and ready to kill you on sight) while soaking up the glorious Art Deco aesthetics.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the whole philosophy of which the city is based on - Objectivism - which I do not think I could cover completely in this topic.

Happy Geek Pride Day! The quiz was fun!

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Hi @bob2,

Thanks for taking part in the quiz and we are glad to hear that you like it! We hope that the quiz has also allowed you to learn something new or interesting :smile:

Now since you are in this thread, feel free to share about anything “geeky” that you like e.g. a movie, TV series, game, computer, music, etc. :wink:

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That’s quite interesting! Would you mind explaining more? What do you like about laptops more than desktops? And do you have a favorite brand? :wink:

@tayyaba.inamdar I am guessing that many people have come to you for advice on which laptops to choose. Well then, I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on the laptop below…

Hi William, :wave:

It seems like you have an affinity for retro techs. I am going to take a wild guess and say that the IBM 1130 was your first computer.

Feel free to let us know in the thread below :point_down:

Funny thing is that I was actually going to put one question about the emergence of House music in the 1980s based on the video below

Which genre(s) of music do you like? and do you have a favorite artist(s)?

And by computing, did you mean hardware or software?

Now I am intrigued. Can you share a bit about your gears, and possible a Flickr page, or Instagram, or whichever platform you usually post your pictures onto? :wink:

Welcome back Arnel! :wave:

Thanks for taking part in the quiz!

And I see that you are having Venom as your avatar. Does that mean that he is your favorite character in the Spider-man universe?

Thanks, Albert!

I really enjoyed the quiz! I look forward for more! :smiley:

Yeah, I think Venom is a badass character and I think he’s been my avatar for 4 years. Planning to change it to Deadpool, but still thinking. . . :laughing:


What is making you hesitant to switch? Is it the contrast between the two characters, or…? :thinking:

Thank you for completing the quiz! :star_struck:

Do you also happen to equip your home with smart devices e.g. lighting, door lock, thermostats, etc.

Are you locked into a specific Smart Home ecosystem? e.g. Apple HomeKit, Google Home, or Samsung SmartThings, etc.

And what do you think about Matter, the new open-source, interoperability standard for smart devices?

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Thanks for asking @albert.vu

120 devices are working in my home, still counting. And as you can imagine with so much devices I am working independent from any ecosystem. Therefore Matter isn’t really a topic for me as my system is yet providing interoperability.

Dayum! Feel free to post a pic of your Smart home setup so we can all marvel at it :star_struck:

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Haha, there isn’t much to see. In fact its a list of 20k datapoints whereas selected are used in Javascripts to work autonomously. I am not interested in a GUI which I have to use to turn on lights. The Home should know what I want without taking the phone to control single bulbs.
You can use https://www.iobroker.net/ or https://www.home-assistant.io/ on a simple raspi. No coding knowledge needed.

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But your setup still depends on a certain Internet connection :stuck_out_tongue:
Not sure how ‘smart’ is that.

yeah, right!

no, despite Google Home speech output, only Intranet necessary. Internet nice to have if you want to control from anywhere.

I am getting some serious Elon Musk’s Neuralink vibe from this :laughing: But seriously, imagine being able to turn on the lights and and whatnots with just your thoughts :exploding_head:

I think a “less cool” version of this (and exclude the part about “knowing what you want” which sounds like the house is sentient) is using location-based “if this … then that …” commands.

I am using a Samsung phone and they have this “Mode and Routine” thingy, which is basically a tasks automator that run a sequence of action on the phone based on what you are doing, where you are at, which devices are currently being connected to your phone, time of day, etc. and so on. Honestly, I have not even utilize it fully

So, for example, I set up a routine where immediately after leaving my house, my phone will automatically turn off Wifi and turn on Mobile data, and then turn it off again once I get to the office. And I also set it so that when I am at home or at my workplace, the phone would not be locked (not really secure, I know :grimacing:)

Great, now all I need is being able to afford a house … in this economy :laughing: :face_holding_back_tears:

The answer to anything dance-music related from the 80s is The KLF :grinning:

As music genres goes, quite diverse, but generationally not as current as it once was, well, in certain genres now anyhow (Spotify is a good anecdote for otherwise no longer keeping track for what is current).

Computing? Well, i’m just a geek. So, whatever really!

In terms of photography, there are pages, but I don’t typically share these kinds of things on forums or the likes. As gear goes, my full-frame DSLR + iPhone 13 Pro are my tools of choice, and if I need to tweak them, then it’s often Photomater / RAW Power on iOS, or ON1 Photo RAW 2023 on macOS.


Sorry for the late reply, my German course left me with no time to breathe :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am listening to this song and it is kind of weird, but in a good way :notes: Never thought hip hop could go that well with house/electronic music.

What do you think of my new “baby”? :point_down:

I believe you must have a Flickr page somewhere. :eyes:

And here I thought I take good pictures with my 3 years old Samsung and a combination of VSCO & Snapseed :rofl: