Handle Dynamic Data Display in Katalon automation


We have application behavior where the Search result is Dynamic. For example - if we type “Database” (Search text may differ) in Search Box and search it then search result sometime display all 4 results and sometime only 3 results and sometime only 2 and sometime only 1 result. It may display zero result as well

For all the above result, the application behavior should be considered as expected

How do we do automation for such dynamic data display scenarios as the expected results are not fixed and the search result may be different each time we run automated scripts

please guide as what the best practice for automating such scenarios

Thanks with Regards

@Deelip_Kumar_Saxena I search various Client Lists, Task Lists or Summary Lists all the time with unknown result sets, so below would be my suggestion. Review the following and see if it helps:

In that case (and without being able to see your page) all I can suggest is that you detect the page is presenting a result whatever it contains.

Perhaps, for example, the page displays a “Results” div something like <div class="results">...</div>. Your test case might then make sure the div is presented on screen, ignore the content and simply assume it to be correct.