Hacker is able to see a Web page by accessing the Urls in a Web application

Suppose If a hacker is able to see a Web page by accessing the Urls in a Web application; what changes/modifications can he do on those pages? Can test cases be created to avoid this.

Wow, this sounds interesting. But I do not have experience in it. Look forward to someone’s help.

Yes this is certainly a very interesting and important topic. Please try to involve your friends/contacts to find out answer to this question.

Thank You.

Please add more context.
What do you mean by this and what is the actual concern?
This is how URL’s are supposed to work, you acces it and it opens a web page …

WASA - web application security.

look, if this is how you understand how to request help, without providing more details, in the same manner you will get answers.
so… google about.
see also:


You can google the above topic; You will get enough information about the topic and tools/processes used in WASA testing. This is just the basic initial step in it.

@rohit.joshi you can read about the topic I posted.

You are wasting the time of the comunity currently.

@albert.vu @Russ_Thomas @vu.tran
a clear example of, why do we need an EULA

I would think this is not about asking for help, it’s more like an open discussion where people can share their opinion about this new matter. I will educate myself more on this.

Throwing random stuff is not an oppen discussion.
This is supposed to be a forum, not yet another twitter.

The author should bring more examples to initiate sane discussion threads, otherwise is just spam.
Therefore, at least, the current ‘place’ for the discussion is inappropiate.

If it is supposed to be a Lounge discussion, fine for me.
Move it there.

No. That’s ridiculous.

To say any more would mean repeating everything @bionel has already said.

@rohit.joshi As it stands, your question looks like a troll post. I’m sure that’s not what you intended, but to remove all doubt, please explain in detail what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Ross;
Actually we r in the first stage of WASA Testing of our application and intend to create test cases for securing our application. Our team is new to Katalon.
I dont have the permission to share the Urls.
I am sorry that I cant provide the Urls without permission; but will try to provide more information and if possible the urls also.

@rohit.joshi Thank you for the added information.

Okay, your question is, does Katalon offer capabilities and facilities to help you pass a WASA assessment and achieve some notion of compliance with related security testing protocols.

From new, out of the box, there is nothing in Katalon to facilitate formal WASA testing.

A skilled test engineer could help you write scripts (tests) to gain some credence in this regard. But that would likely be a full time job.

Good luck.

Did anybody asked for your preciousssss URL’s?
We asked for context.
A sane context.
Can be abstract, but explain what are the needs.

If you, as a tester, are unable to describe what the issue is … how it is supposed to work?
Without having a clue on:

  • what the actual problem is …
  • which potential fixes can apply …
  • how to validate …
    … and so on

So, with such amount of data, my advice is:

  • hire a company specialized in such
  • DO NOT attempt to contact me or people from the comunity.
    Altough i may have some idea about, with such atitude from the potential employe, i will reject the request.
    Simply because.
    You are wasting our time.

Thank You Russ. FInally I got answer to my question. :relieved:

Hey. Relax. I got answer to my question.We have already hired a company to do WASA testing; but test cases will be written by our team.

If you dont show patience in understanding and answering the questions; then there is no use of posting in community.

If you don’t have patience to describe your request, answers like that you will get.
Will let to you to decide what is the added value for the comunity

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