Google cloud authentication prevents Katalon script from running

Hi All. Our organization is using Katalon Studio Enterprise Version (most recent build).
Our erp is based in google cloud and requires authentication.
When we run our Katalon scripts (including our logins to the system), google identifies this login attempt as “not from a human being” and stops the script from proceeding further.
Needless to say, if google is stopping katalon how are we to proceed in using this tool to execute our automation tests against our cloud based applications?

Our Infrastructure team has some ideas but before we go off doing work i thought i should ask if anyone else is having this issue and if any of the following ideas worked for you.

  1. Inject a http header into the request going towards the application to get around the google authentication?
  2. Will connecting to a VM (containing Katalon) make any difference?
  3. Creating an offline token (OAUTH) to access the resource and pass the token?

Of course google has rules about bypassing the prompt and its not recommended for obvious security reasons.

Has anyone tried any of the above?
Thanks for your feedback. Any questions please fire away.

Hello There,
My team is wondering if we can somehow add a custom request header to skip google authentication. Can you give me a suggestion on how we might be able to do that?

Hi all!

You can refer to this article for a solution: [Product Support] Working with Google Authentication with Katalon Studio

I hope this approach works for your case