Going down one row in data file if certain text appears on page

Im attempting to write a test that will order one of our products, however, I need to input addresses when ordering and once an address is ordered under that user, it cannot be ordered again. I have an excel doc with tons of possible addresses that could be used loaded into data files and variables are set to matching columns in that doc. Is there a feature or code that could check for a certain string present on the webpage and if that string shows, the test will go down one row to the next address, or even better, automatically grab the next row when the collection is executed?

I’m very new to automation so try to pretend you’re writing an automation for dummies book when explaining the solution to me. Thanks xD

I’m glad you said that – because that is what you’re asking.

To help us help you, refine your question to one simple step. Instead of asking “how do I do X when Y is Z and A might be B but if not do C?” take it one step at a time. Break it up into small pieces.

Also, read this article. It will explain what we’re expecting from you:

Im looking for a way to make this number increment automatically each time the test collection is run. Is there an alternative way as far as code written in the test case or a setting in Katalon that will do this? Hopefully that explains it better. C:\Users\i24829\Desktop\2020-02-04 12_01_17-Katalon Studio - 7.2.1-2a7abb4c - DashboardKatalon - [Location_ C__Users_i24829_.png