God, Why does I.E. exist?

Can someone steer me to the right direction - I want certain tests to be covered in I.E. but the stupid browser keeps the test user logged in the session after browser is closed. So the next tests fails (because of the test setup, it’s looking to login.)

I tried bunch of things and even google’ed it - nobody has an answer. Just want the session to end after every test runs.

I’m not sure there is a why to force this from the client side using regular Katalon APIs. However, maybe we can somehow trick IE into “doing the right thing”…

  1. If there is a logout URL (button, link, whatever) be sure to use it before the end of the test case.

  2. If there is a login URL, use it but add a unique cachebuster to trick IE into thinking it’s a new resource.

  3. In browser terms “a session” is a nebulous and flaky affair, a dataset passed to/from the server and more meaningful to the server than the client. Ask the devs to give you a clean way to ditch the session data from the client.

Lastly, if you can think of a way to convince IE that the document-mode has changed, I’d put money on IE trashing the previous session and insisting you login again. No, I have no idea how to do that from the client in Katalon (as a user, yes, but not in a test case).

Not sure any of that will help…

One more thing…

Are you using WebUI.deleteAllCookies()?

Tried 1 before, but doesn’t work, still logged in on next test - even if it did work, the effort to add that to ever test wouldn’t be worth it. Even if I had it as tearDown - it adds to additional time on every tests. 2 would not be worth all the work.

DeleteAllCookies for some reason makes the I.E browser extremely slow (not even sure if it works)

The driver probably forces a pseudo synchronous mode (via a promise or similar).

well, IE is crap for developement and automation, it’ll always be crap. Wanted some coverage on it cuz’ there’s clients that are still using I.E. because their platform was optimized for it. Old timers.

I just wondered if anyone in this forum uses I.E. to run their tests…

That’s fine. All valid questions.

The vast majority of our clients use Internet Explorer.

I never test on Internet Explorer.