Hello guys,
I’m trying to make a Wait for Page Load and in some tutorials and videos I’ve seen that many people use that kind of global variable: GlobalVariable.TimeOut, but for some reason I can’t see that variable. I’m trying to change value type to globalvariable and then value to globalvariable.timeout.

Hi @brithwulf!

You need to set the global variable yourself.

  1. Go to “Profiles” on the left side of Katalon Studio window
  2. Double-click a desired profile
  3. Add a variable called TimeOut and set it to a default value
  4. Now, when a test is executed with a profile from step 2, you can get the value from step 3 with GlobalVariable.TimeOut
  5. Remember to import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable to the test script.

Hi @Mate_Mrse,
thank you for answering ! I just thought that it was already defined as some value by katalon or something like that. Thanks !

hi, im not found the profiles on katalon 6.1.1, should you want to tell me?


thank you helena