Global Variables (Profiles) editor


Please, add some kind of a Profiles editor. At least the possibility of copying a variable from one profile to another.


+1 Mate,
untill this will be posible


Ah yeah, I thought I saw something like this somewhere. :smiley:

Anyway, there is more chance these requests are going to get noticed if they come from different sources.


+10 for this, I believe Katalon team will make the feature available soon



If you get a +10 from Dung Ngo, that means it’s happening.

Dung Ngo, Katalon Apprentice… that’s pretty funny B)


(I thought that maybe Dung Ngo is a pretty common name in Vietnam :slight_smile: )


@Dung Ngo

@Dung Ngo

@Dung Ngo

@Dung Ngo

Hmm. Can the real Dung Ngo stand up? :slight_smile:


We’re working on it and hope it gonna help a bit. I’ll get back to you guys when the feature is released.


Please follow the status of this feature request here:


I wish it was json and not XML.





Dear folks,

The enhancement has been implemented in Katalon Studio 5.9. Please help check it out and let us know if it works out for you guys.

Best regards,




you cannot change defaultProfile from script view. when u hit save, it reverts to original value


Technicall, I’ll close this feature request here since the feature has been implemented. Please log bug in other thread with our proposed format for ease of investigation.