Global Variables and CUstom Keywords pick panes no longer show up in new KS version


In the new version which I have just upgraded to (7.9.1), when specifying GLobal Variables and custom keywords in my scripts, after the dot (.), i do not see the list of variables/custom keywords to choose from. Same applies for WebUI pick lists. This can add lots of time to create scripts and is very annoying. Is there a workaround for this? Thank you.

eg: CustomKeywords.‘cameraManagement.CameraManagement.cameraEditPage’(GlobalVariable.cloudContinuousRecordingType)

In the old version of KS, after doing CustomKeywords.
a popup of the available custom keywords would show up make it much easier to select a keyword that is available. Now you actually need to go to the actual script and find the keyword youa re looking for and copy it in the other script. This is tedious and not user friendly. It adds to much time to script creation.

hi, are there any updates on this issue? Thanks.


Please try to delete the lib and bin folders in your project, and reopen it to see if the problem persists.

@ThanhTo I tried to delete the lib and bin folders in my project, closed Katalon Studio and reloaded the project. The problem still persists unfortunately.

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