Global Variable in Katalon Docker container

Hi All,

I am trying to run UI Test cases with Katalon Docker container. In my project I have few Global variables and my question is how can I pass those global variables to Katalon docker via cli.

Thanks in Advance !

You need to find out 2 things

  1. Do you know how to pass commandline argument from Terminal UI to a docker container?

  2. Do you know how to pass commandline argument from a docker container to a command line application (such as Katalon Runtime engine)?

Please study and find the answer yourself. Once you get know these 2, you should be able to solve your original question by the combination of the two.

Or you could raise an official support request to Katalon.

I think you can request them to publish an immediate answer to your question as a part of Katalon documentation.

Hi @kazurayam , I have studied how to pass command line arguments to the katalon docker.

my question is I have few dynamic values such as build-id and use those dynamic value in Global variable. I want to understand that.

Maybe you want this: