Github integration queries


My test team have developed tests within Katalon and I am considering integrating with Github, to allow the tests to be shared with a external supplier (i.e. the application developer). I have a couple of queries and wondered whether the community can help?

Data file - my team currently import test data into Katalon from Excel. Would these data files be shared through Github, or would the supplier need to create their own?
Jira - I integrate to my organisation’s instance of Jira; however would the project settings in Katalon used by the supplier allow them to integrate to their own instance of Jira?
Katalon analytics - similar to the Jira query, would the supplier be able to integrate to their own instance of Analytics?

I suppose the context of my query is how much of the Katalon data is synchronised through Github and how much flexibility would it allow the supplier to interface to their own data/Jira/Analytics.