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I was not sure where to add this request hence adding in code control part. Is it possible to add an export project feature in Katalon Studio? This will help in taking local back ups as per requirement.

For improved quality, facilitating a peer review process through the Git Request Pull would be a good addition to the Git capabilities. The user should be able to nominate 1 or more reviewers to send the Git request to, and even set how many must respond/approve their changes before a push/commit to master is allowed.

What do we need to considere to be inside ignore file, if we share code in 3 different computers?

Everytime that I try to save my changes and put them into Git I follow these steps:
1.- (add .)
2.- (commit)
3.- (merge)
4.- (Push)

Normally I have no issues. but as soon as I try to execute my testing, I got error message regarding with Project file. or my setttings are deleted.


Should we ignore some paths, folders or Files in project when we push into git repository?

These are the common entries in Gitignore











Hello @Aliasger_Kiranawala

Are you looking to create a backup of your Katalon Project ?

If yes you can copy the Project folder and save it anywhere you want. GIT Is also a good option.

Thanks @manpreet.mukkar I was looking for an export button which can zip the folders. Anyways GIT i am using but that is more like a version control.

@Aliasger_Kiranawala You can download the zip file from the Repository page on Git. But yeah there is no actual export button to do that natively with Katalon

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Sad to see there is no support for SVN

I am encountering error for first time Cloning a Project, error shows “Source git repository is empty”.
I’ve followed the initial steps in installing git, setting up the repository etc.

I do not have any eclipse application, all i had is the katalon stuidio tool.

I felt Git is more suitable then SVN for Katalon and almost having same features (or some times more than SVN).

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My configuration / repository setting : Null
Why is it Empty ?

cannot clone Git with https, how I setting config with certificate ssl ?

I already done setting on my Team -> Git -> Configuration
add ssl in http and https
it’s not working for me
any answer from this issue ?

Did you get any answers because I am also experiencing the same issue.

Hello everyone,

Please upgrade to the latest version of Katalon Studio and see if you still encounter this bug.

In case of an exception thrown, please send us your log for further investigation.


I get an error when connecting to GIT. Please help with the problem. Previously, there were no problems with connection. Credentials haven’t changed

When I already have an active Katalon project using github but need to add/change to github SSH on this, how and where do I do that ?

Should users create a branch after cloning? It’s not shown as a step on the typical workflow

By cloning, at least one local branch will be automatically created by git. The branch is usually named “master” or “main”; it depends on the original remote repository. Therefore you do not have to add branch yourself. Of course it is up to you to create branches as you wish.