Gibberish in response

Hi, I started with the API testing in Katalon, but there is a problem with the response. If the same query is executed in Postman including all the required params, the response is ok. The expected token in json is displayed the response from Katalon appears as garbage. See the screenshot. Can you help me what is the problem?




Ok, the response is in GZIP. How to get it as plain text?

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Katalon Studio has not supported this feature yet. I will move this thread to new feature suggestion for more investigation.


For now you can try change Accept-Encoding header in request - do not send “gzip”. If the server accepts request without “gzip”, will send back response in plain text.

For me it is bug, not feature suggestion.

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This issue will be fixed in upcoming releases. Thank you all for your report.

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Do we have an ETA for the resolotion of this bug?

I have the same issue. Just checking in to see if there’s an ETA, please?

+1 on a fix request here. ETA?

+1 on a fix to decompress a gzip response

See the following post:

for me is a feature request, not a bug.
the user has requested the response gziped, see the headers. so, this is what he get.
wan’t it plain text? don’t ask for gzip
want decompressed gzip? wait for the feature to be implemented or use fiddler

Hi Ibus :slight_smile:

Why are you diging this? @huynguyen already post thet this will be fixed (Gibberish in response). For me it is end of discussion about is this a bug or feature.

Yes, you are right, but sometimes specification require to use gzip. What then? I’m currently testing a solution that requires to use gzip and SoapUI is winning.
Besides gzip is described in HTTP protocol RFC ( Katalon Studio as a tool supporting QA should take into account such basic things as data compression, even if they are not required by the protocol.

@huynguyen ETA please, 6.3.0 (beta) do not support gzip. I can’t migrate tests from SoapUI to Katalon Studio.

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not diging, just expressing my opinion.
sorry, i did’nt knew it is not allowed to contradict with you
have a beatiful career!

@Ibus Sorry for overreact on your post.

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peace! :slight_smile:

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Any news on ETA?

Is this implemented (fixed) in KS/KSE 7.0?

Hi. The fix has been implemented in KS version 7.0 RC2. Thank you all for the report.