Getting blank error message when attempting to close web recorder


Is there anyway to solve this without having to go through all the objects.

Its not solving itself when i close Katalon as i have read in precvious post.

Hi @jbuckner

What version are you using ? Please send use the log file under Help > Error Log

Error Logs.txt (236.0 KB)

@ThanhTo see above

Hi @jbuckner

In this error there is this line:

file:/C:/Users/jbuckner/Katalon%20Studio/Krispy%20Kreme/Object%20Repository/Page_Krispy%20Kreme%20-%20Doughnuts%20Coffee%20%20Drinks/; lineNumber: 39; columnNumber: 6; The character sequence “]]>” must not appear in content unless used to mark the end of a CDATA section.

There’s an illegal character in this particular file, please look at the Test Object details and delete the illegal characters.

Can you try to use the latest version ? I think a similar error was fixed.