Get varible from html

Hi, I want to know how old my selected person is.
“selectedPerson” is a variable from my html side.
What’s wrong? Syntax of target “selectedPerson.age”?
Thank’s a lot


what is selectedPerson.age? Does that already anwser the question if thats making sence?

it’s a javascript variable in my controller.js and it’s filled with the age “35” and I can see “35” at my html-side and I want to fill value “age” with this 35.


Thank you for using our product. Just to clarify, you have a JavaScript variable named “selectedPerson” in the AUT and you want to get its “age” property. Do I understand it right?

We’ve released 3.4.11 to address this issue.

runScript | return selectedPerson.age | age
echo | ${age} |

The “return” statement is important and cannot be omitted.