Get the application memory consumption value in Task manager and store the value into Variable

My Scenario - I want to run a application in browser continuously 4 hrs and i want to get the memory consumption(From Task Manager) of that browser(Application is running) and store the value into Variable.

Spy with Windows also not working to Capture values from Task Manager.exe

I have look into forum such kind of questions but i couldn’t see ant related questions.
Is it possible with Katalon Studio to achieve my scenario.

Please do the needful…

Thanks in Advance

a better way is to execute some system commands using wmic, provided you know the PID of your application. see here:

to find out the PID of your application, follow this guide:

LE: or you can simply parse the output of tasklist. e.g

C:\Users\someuser>tasklist | find "brave.exe"
brave.exe                    17968 Console                    1    153,944 K
brave.exe                     9520 Console                    1      7,024 K
brave.exe                     1900 Console                    1    179,120 K
brave.exe                     4272 Console                    1     32,760 K
brave.exe                     8972 Console                    1     14,464 K
brave.exe                    16116 Console                    1     13,948 K
brave.exe                     8220 Console                    1     63,500 K
brave.exe                     3600 Console                    1    154,548 K
brave.exe                    14752 Console                    1     40,396 K
brave.exe                     2256 Console                    1     37,212 K
brave.exe                    12464 Console                    1     23,852 K
brave.exe                    15196 Console                    1    143,280 K