Get input field text without any information in the HTML code

I am trying to get the text of an html-input with the type=“text”. However there is no attribute which has this value, because of the design of the web-app. I thought of marking the text and then extracting the letters, but I do not know how to implement this. Is there any work-around to get the text without a property of the HTML Element?
I am looking forward to your help

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All your objects must be “found” within your web page otherwise, the computer is “blind”. To find your objects, you can write pathways in XPath or CSS. There are functions within these usages that allow you to travel from one object to another. If we can see the HTML (if it is a public site, then the URL) we may be able to assist you. And some more information allows us to do that easier and with more focus.

Edit: For xpath, here is a sample pathway: //*[text()='Your Text']

With this approch I can not get the text, because the website is not created with normal HTML. It is rendert with SignalR. This is why I am searching for a work around maby by copying the text when I select it