Get information from a canvas

Hi there! New user here, and I I just have a question about Katalon’s interactivity with the canvas element. Is there a way to delay all actions until the canvas is completely ‘still’? I’m trying to automate the playing of a simple game; the main issue I currently encounter is that the ‘reset’ time (so, time between being able to click ‘play’) varies. Since I’m trying to collect a large sample, I want the downtime to be as small as possible, however I do not want to miss out on any samples due to the game being too fast.

So again, is there a way to detect a canvas being ‘still’? (Alternatively, I could use the (changing of) the color of a pixel to indicate the game being ‘ready’, so if there’s a way to detect that, that would be nice to know, too!)

Much thanks in advance!

Just a quick edit here: I don’t actually need this anymore! Turns out I can just press ‘spacebar’ to skip this reset time, and to play the game! Would still appreciate it if someone can confirm whether this is possible or not, though