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Hi Community members, :wave:

With the release of Katalon Studio 9.5, we have introduced a new feature where you can Record and Playback mobile-native applications using TestCloud mobile devices, meaning you can start testing quickly without having to worry about setting up the right environment, installing Appium, managing dependencies, and so on.

:information_source: This feature is available on both KS Free and KS Enterprise.

See the new feature in action below :point_down:

Why you will love our new TestCloud integration:

  • No complex setup: You can record test scripts for mobile native applications without performing a mobile setup in Katalon Studio.

  • Cross-platform testing: Execute test scripts on different mobile OS versions and devices without heavy setup and maintenance.

  • Enhanced test coverage: Quickly run regression tests for new app versions, increasing test coverage and reducing device maintenance costs.

Be among the first users to try out this new features (and get rewarded for doing so) by following the steps below! :point_down:

Get up to 400 Kudos when you try out the new TestCloud mobile Record & Playback feature!

From now until 2024-07-31T16:59:00Z, we will be giving out up to 400 Kudos (which is enough to exchange for a $30 eGift card from us) to members who complete the two steps below.

:pushpin: Prerequisite 1: Update to Katalon Studio 9.5 or higher (You can skip this step if you already use KS 9.5).

:information_source: Prerequisite 2: For members who have yet to have a TestCloud Mobile App License, please fill out the form below.

How to get the first 200 Kudos

To get the first 200 Kudos, simply:

  1. Try out our new TestCloud integration within the Mobile Recorder function,

  2. Take a screenshot of the Mobile Recorder UI after capturing all the objects, and

  3. Reply to this thread with said screenshot.

:information_source: Learn how to record objects on a TestCloud device here: Mobile Recorder utility | Katalon Docs

How to get the next 200 Kudos

To get another 200 Kudos, you will need to:

  1. Play back your recorded test case using the Run command,

  2. Take a screenshot of your finished test run with the Job Progress visible,

  3. Reply to this thread with the screenshot.

:information_source: Learn how to execute a test here: Use TestCloud in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs


@trust_level_1 Have a question about the new TestCloud integration in Katalon Studio 9.5 and up? Our TestCloud team member Ha Pham (@ha.tpham) is here to help.

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Without TestCloud integration, it is pretty simple to use different type of mobile.
For Android with Android Studio and for IOS with XCODE.

Katalon Expert



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Hi @jmer,
Great point! Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each approach to mobile testing:

Android Studio/Xcode:


  • Free to use
  • Emulators/simulators allow testing on a wide range of devices without physical hardware


  • Setting up and configuring emulators/simulators can be time-consuming
  • Simulators/Emulators may not perfectly replicate real device behavior



  • Tests run on real devices, ensuring accurate results
  • Faster test execution compared to emulators
  • Easier setup - just enable TestCloud integration within Katalon Studio


  • Requires a TestCloud mobile app license

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and resources.

Feel free to discuss this further! I’m all ears for your thoughts.


So… can I write and test for an iOS app without buying an Apple device?
I have neither Apple-branded laptops nor phones

Yes, of course. Katalon TestCloud offers real device testing for both Android and iOS apps.

You can absolutely leverage Katalon TestCloud to write and execute tests for Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect to TestCloud: Integrate Katalon Studio with TestCloud to gain access to the real device cloud.

  2. Record your tests using Katalon Studio: Start recording your interaction on the real iOS device and see your automation tests are generated in the meantime.

  3. Run tests on iOS devices: Select the desired iOS device and OS version from the TestCloud device pool. Your tests will be executed on the chosen real device without any physical iOS devices on your end.

This approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of real device testing for both Android and iOS, regardless of your current Windows environment.

TestCloud supports a wide range of Android and iOS devices running various versions of the OS. See the full list here: Mobile app testing with remote devices | Katalon Docs