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I would like to run REMOTE Katalon tests with BrowserStack on a website that is behind a firewall and cannot be accessed directly

Katalon is configured for Browserstack and tests actually start when using the REMOTE option but due to the firewall the requests from BrowserStack to the testsite all fail with a DNS error (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED).

I tried to solve this by installing BrowserStackLocal v7.0:

./BrowserStackLocal --key <mybrowserstackkey> --force-local

But this didn’t help.

Can anybody tell wether it is possible to REMOTE test a website behind a firewall in combination with BrowserStack with Katalon?


Hi Johann, Yes it is possible to test the application behind a firewall. I have been doing this for our projects it is working.

Follow below steps,

1. Browserstack remote URL should be configured in Katalon for a run
2. Enable local test with browser stack on your local machine where you would like to run the tests. Use be code to run on CMD

./BrowserStackLocal --key <mybrowserstackkey> --force-local

3. Run tests from Katalon. Now you should able to see tests are running on BS.

Let me know more help.