Freeze when clicked on play button and after it execute

When I click on play button, Katalon freezes for 1 or 2 seconds and after, Katalon executes the test

v6.3.2 (Build 4)

Debian 8

@jjunior when i read this bug report, my mind freeze for 1 … 2 seconds. and after i just close it …

now seriously, read the pinned topic about how to properly ask for help


A more descriptive description would be helpful. But in my experience, please verify that Preferences > Katalon > Web UI > Automatically Update web driver is off. When the option is enabled, web drivers are gonna be downloaded before every test execution, which may block Katalon for a few seconds.

Cheers !

I’m sorry.

Thank you. This works, but the browser closes and the message showed is “Unable to open browser with URL” (with the option checked, suite test works well)

I’m testing in a Debian 8

Can you provide the full console log ? If enabling the option works for you, then perhaps your web driver is outdated and needs to be manually updated. Please visit this:

For reference.

Cheers !

I found the problem, was the chrome compatibility. I download the supported chromedriver version and it works.

Thank you so much for the help

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