Frame work is possible in this

Frame work is possible in this?and one more doubt is there.Actually i tried to record the test,after that i switched to script mode and did some was working fine.After that my development team did some changes in code and my element is missing.So,my question is that,after recording and running test case is it possible to add some more commands with Record mode.

After or during recording you can add more commands in your test case and you are freely to do this. There are bunch of buttons available on these interfaces so it’s easily for you to recognize what you should do

tell me

Hahn…please help me for this problem.How to create frame work for my application.Actually i want to design frame work using katalon for my ERP application.Please help me Admin please.I don’t have much time because i am working in startup,they said…we don’t know anything you need to do automation.Please suggest me how to start ,i know automation for whole application is not possible.But you can help me brother how to start i am struggling a lot.If you want you can contact through my mail

Thanks ,i hope i will get positive response from you.