Forum software problem: XPath expression pasted in the comment is garbled

Please refer to


In there Xpath expression which was copied and pasted into the Katalon Forum was garbled.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-28 6.59.42.png


I tried to reproduce the problem here, but … not reproduced. Curious.

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Ah, you have fixed this?

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nope, i just realised it’s a thing so now i just chceck after myself if xpath i’m posting looks as i want. workaround will be use (at) instead of @ in xpaths but can be confusing for new users of dark xpath art …
i just posted link to same issue so they can be tracked together


//li[(at)class='add-listitem lazyload-item ']//h2

//li[@class='add-listitem lazyload-item ']//h2