[Forum Revamp 4] - Progress update May 17th 2022

Hi Community Member! :wave:

Here are some of the things we’re currently working on to improve your experiences on our forum!

1. New Tag Groups :label:

We’re allocating suitable tags into different category-related groups which you can see by going to our Tags page. At the moment, we’ve managed to pre-populate the following groups:

  • Announcements & Updates
  • Community Discussion
  • Feedback & Review


  • Tags within these groups are NOT exclusive to any one category, and thus, can be used for topics outside of their respective categories as well, depending on the context.

Tags which haven’t been allocated will be in the “Other tags” group. Going forward, we would do periodic check-ups to filter out popular tags and move them to suitable groups above.

This new focus on tagging not only means you’ll be able to better manage and organize your topics, but others will also be able to search for your topics and provide timely solutions. Thus, we encourage you to use them whenever you’re creating a new topic. Click here to learn more about tags.

2. “Industry Trends” & “Feedback & Review” categories

We’ve added a new Industry Trend category where you can learn from experts in the field and be up to date on the software testing industry. Expect valuable knowledge that would give you valuable insights and make your automation testing journey more exciting!

Another new addition is the new Feedback & Reviews category where you’ll be able to report bugs, provide feedback, and even suggestions to make our forum better. The four sub-categories under Feedback & Review are:

  • Bugs Report: Where you can go to report bugs & errors
  • Feature Request: Where you can suggest new features for our software & services
  • Site Feedback: Where you can voice your opinion on how to improve the forum experience for everyone
  • Store Review: Where you can discuss about our plugins for Katalon Studio

3. Archiving old, inactive topics

As mentioned previously, we’ll be tidying up our forum to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date & helpful information. And we need your support as well.

How can you help us?

All original posters (OP) please check your topics again and mark suitable replies as a solution :white_check_mark: (if possible).


  • June 5th, 2022.

What happens next?

We’ll proceed to archive topics that haven’t been marked as “solved” AND with little to no interactions (likes, views, replies) by June 5th.

We look forward to your support. And as always, if you have any question or concern, feel free to reply to this message, contact one of our Moderators, or drop us an email at: community@katalon.com